lunes, 22 de diciembre de 2008

Oratorio...The Reality Of Existence

Ésta es una de las mejores bandas en el ámbito del Power Metal cristiano....Espero que lo disfruten....

Joel Hekkala – Lead Vocals
Thomas Mata Eriksson – Guitars
Jarmo Happonen – Guitars
Lauri Joutsiniemi – Bass
Janne Hielakangas - Drums

01 - Chain of Pain
02 - A Lonely Prayer
03 - Ages Before
04 - Believer's Destiny
05 - Glory and Power
06 - Touch of Your Love
07 - No Return from Hell
08 - Wounded Moon
09 - Taivaallinen Jerusalem
10 - Shine The Light

sábado, 20 de diciembre de 2008

Dynasty.....Motus Perpetuus

Bueno para los que me pidieron Power, les dejo esta banda de Heavy/Power Metal de Brazil...Que lo disfruten...

01. Not in Vain
02. Eternity
03. Against All Evil
04. The Word that Remains
05. Miztvoth
06. Following the Sign
07. Another Chance
08. Salvation
09. Just for Loving You
10. The Time is Over
11. Goldenland

B. B. King.......B.B. Boogie Christian Blues

Banda: B. B. King
Nombre del Album: B.B. Boogie Christian Blues
Género: Blues/Gospel
Año de Lanzamiento: 2004

1. BB Boogie
2. Precious Lord
3. Servant's Prayer
4. Swing Low Sweet Chariot, Rock
5. Save A Seat for Me
6. I Never Heard A Man
7. Army of the Lord
8. Paying the Cost to Be the Boss
9. Blue Can You Get
10. The Letter
11. Everyday I Have the Blues
12. Sweet Sixteen
13. The Other Night Blues
14. A New Way of Driving
15. Walkin' and Cryin'
16. It's My Own Fault Baby

Les dejo una rareza del Christian Blues.....Espero que la disfruten

jueves, 18 de diciembre de 2008

Ecuador!!!!!! Prepárate....Para una descarga de Puro Metal


Heavy Metal para los seguidores de:
Iron Maiden, Stratovarius, Judas Priest

Warriors of the King - Sudamerican Cruzade

30 Enero - LOJA
31 Enero - CUENCA
1 Febrero - QUITO

Además el lanzamiento de su segunda placa:
Warriors of the King
Escuha su musica en


Jesus People Movement......Película de los años 70's...

Bueno esto es como se inició los movimeintos de los melenudos por los años 70's. En la época de Larry Norman, Darrell Mansfield, Dennis Chansfield....Y muchos otros....Esto nos demuestra que hoy en día los cristianos nos hemos encerrado en nuestras iglesias y no salimos a conquistar, a lo que somos llamados...

Aca se pueden informar más:

Que más puedo decir que renovemos la misión que se nos ha encomendo...Ya que el tiempo está cerca...

Darrell Mansfield....The Vision

Darrell Mansfield - The Vision
1983 A&S

Track List:

1. Lay Down This World
2. No More Blues
3. Hard Times
4. The Vision
5. Radio
6. Walk Across Heaven
7. Empty Hearts
8. Can't Do Nothin'
9. Jerusalem
10. Have You Been Listenin'


Darrell Mansfield - Vocals, Harmonica
Jeff Nicholson - Bass, Vocals
Eric Turner - Guitar
Bill Lordan - DrumsAnthony Dean - Guitar, Vocals
Paul Angers - Drums
Dennis Carothers - Guitar
Charlie Sousa - Bass
Steve Kara - Guitar
Tom Howard - Keyboards, Vocals
Jerry Swallow - Guitar
Dave Garland - Keyboard
Hadley Hockensmith - Guitar
Virgil Beckham - Guitar, Vocals
Don Gerber - Guitar
Harlan Rogers - Keyboard
John Patitucci - Bass

Darrell Mansfield...Revelation

Un disco distinto a los anteriores...Es puro Hard Rock

Track List (Click for Lyrics):

01Thunder 'n Lightning
02After The Storm
04Give It Up
05Bible Study
06Jesus Will Reign
08Don't Let Them Stand In Your Way

Created in 1985

Darrell Mansfield...Live at Calvary Chapel

Band: Darrell Mansfield Band
Title: Darrell Mansfield Band Live At Calvary Chapel
Year: 1989
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Added on: Friday, Sep 16 2005, 5:20 PM
Submitted by: Border-Cop

Track List (Click for Lyrics):

01Jesus Will Reign
02You got to Move/Lay down this World
03No More Blues
05Thunder and Lightning
06Heaven Southwestern
07Jesus Will Reign
08Bible Study

Lyrics Copyright 1989 Darrell Mansfield Band

Darrell Mansfield...Live 1983


Track List (Click for Lyrics):


Mr Rock and Roll

That's All Right

Heaven Southwestern

Power of Love

Get Ready

Su primer concierto....

Darrell Mansfield.....Last Chance Boogie


Darrell Mansfield Band - Last Chance Boogie
1998 Spark

Track List:

1. Hello / Goodbye Boogie
2. High Water
3. Dreamin' Schemin'
4. Last Chance Boogie
5. Revelation Song
6. Nobody But You Lord
7. Tell the Truth
8. Walk With Me Jesus
9. There's Gotta Be a Change
10. I'm Ready
11. It's Time To Go
12. Hello / Goodbye Boogie


Darrell Mansfield - Lead Vocals, Harmonica
Robert Nance - Bass
Eric Turner - Guitar
Mitch Ross - Drums
Jaymes Felix - Background Vocals
James Raymond - Keyboards

Darrell Mansfield...Higher Power....1979


Darrell Mansfield - Higher Power
1979 A&S

Track List:

1. Children Don't Run
2. The Prize
3. That's All Right
4. He Has Overcome
5. No More Blues
6. Love Conquers All
7. Giver Of Life
8. Every Night Every Day
9. Higher Power


Darrell Mansfield - Harmonica, Vocals
Anthony Dean - Guitars
Marc Levine - Bass
John Mehler - Drums
Steve Kara - Guitars
Paul Angers - Percussion
Skip Konte - Keyboards, Percussion

Darrell Mansfield...Get Ready...1980

Darrell Mansfield - Get Ready
1980 Ocean Records


Track List:

1. Get Ready
2. Mr. Rock'n' Roll
3. Above the Water
4. Billy Joe
5. Heaven Southwestern
6. Never Be the Same
7. Power Of Love
8. Life Saver
9. Not Far Away
10. When the Curtain Falls
11. Flow Like a River


Darrell Mansfield - Vocals, Harmonics
Dennis Corothers - Lead, Rhythm & 12 String Guitars, Vocals
Anthony Dean - Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Jimmy Perez - Bass, Vocals
Skip Konte - Keyboards, Synthesizers
Paul Angers - Drums
Donny Vosburgh - Drums
Charlie Sousa - Bass

miércoles, 17 de diciembre de 2008

The Lifters....What Love's All About (1985)

Música al estilo de los 50's, espero que sepan aprecian tan excelente trabajo musical...

Rock N Roll del bueno. Al estilo de Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, Bill Halley....ect...

01 - Be Like You
02 - Operator
03 - Scream and Shout
04 - I'm Goin' to Heaven
05 - Front Slider
06 - No Middle Ground
07 - What Loves All About
08 - Do What I Do
09 - Eternity Bop
10 - C'mon Back
11 - My Love For You Will Stay

Steve Camp...It's a Dying World...1984

Steve Camp - It's a Dying World
1984 Myrrh

Hard Rock

Track List:

1. Holding On To You
2. Don't Wanna Be Friends
3. It's a Dying World
4. You Comfort Me
5. You Know What's Right
6. Light Your Candle
7. Don't Live By Chance
8. Tongue Is a Fire
9. Can You Sleep Tonight
10. Man Does Not Live


Steve Camp - Vocals
Norman Barratt - Guitars
Russell Caldwell - Drums
Dave Morris - Keyboards
Larry Tomaso - Bass
Diane Thiel - Vocals
Joan Anderson - Vocals