martes, 27 de abril de 2010

Eden....Fan The Flame......2003

Gracias a Michael por este disco.....
"Eden originally broke onto the hard music scene in 1991 with a scorching track on the Brave New Music compilation (Star Song) under the name Screamin' Eden. An independent release of FAN THE FLAME made it into the hands of a few lucky people back in the mid '90's. Receiving virtually no press of any kind, the rest of the world had no idea what it was missing. Touring across the nation with Rex Carroll and Whitecross, Eden developed a reputation for a hot live show and a penchant for crowd pleasing hard rock anthems. To make this release even more appealing, guitar virtuoso Rex Carroll (Whitecross/King James) holds nothing back as he handles all guitars on the album. Any fan of Whitecross will instantly know the trademarked signature sound of Rex Carroll on FAN THE FLAME. Arguably, Rex's guitar playing has not been so flashy or predominant since his early days in Whitecross. Get out those air guitars and feel the heat on FAN THE FLAME!!" Retroactive Records

Track List:

01Need Somebody
02Show Me
03Morning Star
04Fan The Flame
05Tomorrow's Yesterday
06Forgotten Child
07Give Me A Reason
08It's A Shame
09Back To The Garden
10Love Rolls On

martes, 20 de abril de 2010

DAM....Especial del lanzamiento de su primer disco (Sangre)...2007

DAM, en su lanzamiento del primer disco...


DAM....Fiel hasta la muerte (Videoclip)....HD...2007

Jerusalem......Live Dvd 2....2006

lunes, 12 de abril de 2010

Jerusalem.....Live Dvd 1.....2006

Ulf Christiansson - lead vocals, guitar
Peter Carlsohn - bass, vocals
Dan Tibell - keyboards
Mikael Ulvsgärd - drums, vocals

Video List:

1. Introduktion
2. Baea Rock And Roll
3. Dagarna Gar
4. Medley
5. Mr Ego, Ajoss med dig varld Hot Tid
6. Pappa Vem Har Gjort
7. Krigsman
8. Domedagprofeter
9. Sodom
10. Moderne Man
11. In His Majestic Service
12. Loves You More
13. Blooman
14. Vi Kan Inte Stoppas
15. Dancing On The Head Of The Serpent
16. Were Gonna Take Europe
17. Risen
18. Hey Iyssna
19. Bara Hos Dig
20. Noa
21. Trumduett
22. Stadig Forandring
23. Its Mad
24. Jesus Ar Det Underbaraste
25. Soldier
26. Du Ar Den Hogste