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Rob - Serpientes en el Paraíso - 2009

Joining many musical influences inspired by heavy metal, many years of waiting and study, and 6 musicians with a passion to bring the message of salvation was only logical for the heavy power rock band Rob was born.

ROB started about a year and a half ago as a solo project of vocalist Rob Quesada (singer, songwriter and vocal producer in Costa Rica, considered one of the vocalist metal - melodic pioneers of the genre in Costa Rica) and took shape as an (Blood in Eden) from the hand of Joseph (Tito) Pizarro (Arsnova Studios) while carrying out the choice of musicians for live proposal. Currently, the band's up Dennis, Alex, Esteban, Nacho, Philip and Rob, ministers of field experience in Christian music and great experience in national rock scene.

As a ministry, Rob is actively involved in places where a Christian is not usually well received, and given the spiritual burden for the "metalheads" secular, his music has served as entrance fee for open preaching of the gospel.

Rob Quesada-Voice
Pioneers of heavy metal in Costa Rica, Rob Quesada is the lead singer of the band. He also sang for Arkangel, Dignus Martyr, Altar, Jazz Garbo, several others. He began at an early age in church music, but knew that there was rock in all its expressions. Composer of the tracks on the album, he wanted to bring the world the story of man's salvation through the weight of a powerful live band. He suffers from chronic sincerity, so he is a loyal friend for life.

Track List:

01.- A Todos
02.- Pobre Ladron
03.- Salida
04.- Serpientes en el Paraiso
05.- Sublime
06.- Credo

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