martes, 24 de mayo de 2011

Metal Mision Vol. 1 - VHSRip - 1991

This is taken from a VHS that was only played no less than 10. You can tell via the high colours and STEREO sound. This is probably the BEST version of this exterme rare PRO-SHOT in circualation that was never issued on DVD. Found this VHS orginally at a GOODWILL STORE and it is the best copy that I have ever seen of the VHS and footage.

Transfered to DVD in January 2010.

Panasonic Omivision 5 Head Hi-Fi VHS and captured via Sonic 2.0 then directly burned with a simiple homemade menu. It is not chaptered. It is just the way the orginal VHS was issued.

Live and studio clips and behind the scenes footage of Whitecross, Novella, Xalt and Bride.

Video List:

01 Whitecross - In The Kingdom
02 Whitecross - No Second Chances
03 Whitecross - We Know What's Right
04 Novella - Give Me Love
05 Novella - Do We Just Surrender
06 Bride - Everybody Knows My Name
07 Bride - Troubled Times
08 Xalt - Standing

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