miércoles, 23 de septiembre de 2009

Frankie Lee......Standing at the Crossroads.....2006

Alan Mirikitani, Mike Turner (guitar); Jim Pugh (keyboards); Richard Cousins (bass guitar); Lee Spath (drums), Frankie Lee (Vocals)

Disco lamzado el 17 de Octubre del 2006.....

Enjoy it.....

Track List:

1. I Wish I Had a Dime
2.High Horse
3. I Need Lots of Love
4. Prayer For Peace
5. Where You Been All My Life
6. Better Than That
7. Let's Think Twice
8. Mary Don't You Weep
9. Standing at the Crossroads
10. How Far Can You Fall
11. Think What It's Doing to Me
12. I Really Got the Blues
13. I Ain't Ever Had the Blues (Like This Before)

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