lunes, 29 de junio de 2009

Blinside Blues Band.....Smokehouse Sessions ...2009

Blindside Blues Band is led by Mike Onesko, a true “old school” heavy guitar riffmaster and force to be reckoned with on the guitar who plays the instrument like he means it. Onesko is on a mission to keep Real guitar music alive and he set’s the record straight on the mega-awesome, aptly-titled “Keepers of the Flame” disc. Mikey O. digs deep and delivers some of his best/strongest riffage to date on this serious heavy guitar disc. BBB features long-time, good musical brother and fellow axeripper Scotty J. who nails down some serious, bad-ass, killer bluesy heavy guitar lead action. An excellent classic dual guitar team, Onesko and Scotty J. work well together and give it all they got on this amazing disc. Both guitarists kick serious heavy guitar ass. “Keepers of the Flame” also features the powerhouse rhythm section of Emery Ceo on drums and Kier Staeheli on bass, both excellent players in their own rite who dig in deep and lock down hi-energy, solid, killer heavy rock grooves throughout the disc. As an added bonus Jeff Martin (Badlands / Racer X) and Davey Pattison (Robin Trower / Gamma) land on the “Keepers of the Flame” disc as Special Guests. Jeff Martin plays drums on half the disc and contributes some bluesy harmonica and background vox on several tracks. Martin delivers the “goods” and is a solid man of rock. Davey Pattison lays his awesome, soul-powered vocals down on a deep, amazing, heavy version of the vintage Robin Trower jam entitled “Hannah” which is dedicated to the late, great James Dewar. Mr. Pattison sings his ass off on the track and is one of the greatest, unsung rock vocalists out there. His performance does both the track and James Dewar “musical justice”. Somewhere in Rock Vocal Heaven, Brother James is smiling down upon us. “Keepers of the Flame” also features a way-kool version of “Maybe I’m a Leo” which features Grooveyard Records main man Joe “grOOveDaWg” Romagnola and Mike Varney from Shrapnel Records both rippin’ up their axes on the classic Deep Purple jam. Two Guitar Label dudes rippin’ it up on the same track. How kool is that?!!! Romagnola & Varney are true visionaries of serious heavy guitar rock and they make heavy guitar history with this monumental guitar jam. On top of all the mind-blowing abundance of serious bluesy heavy guitar riffage found on the “Keepers of the Flame” disc and as an added bonus, there is a killer 13 minute (+) live in the studio improv. studio jam entitled “Abbajus” as a Hidden Bonus Track that features the dual drum power of Jeff Martin and Emery Ceo. This is one bad-ass heavy jam that will rip your face off and rock your brain into the ground. Recorded @ Prairie Sun Studios in California and mixed/mastered by the talented Don Moore in Texas, “Keepers of the Flame” is a classic, mind-blowing heavy guitar statement that will stand the test of time.

Track List:

1. Little Red Rooster
2. Rock Me Baby
3. Dirty Double Dealer
4. Sweet Little Angel
5. Ramblin' On My Mind
6. Hoochie Coochie Man
7. Same Old Situation
8. Who Knows Jam
9. Crossroads 69
10. Albatross

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