lunes, 13 de abril de 2009

Larry Norman......We Wish You a Larry Christmas 1999

Éste es un trabajo recopilatorio desde sus trabajos realizados en el 66,69 y 99. Que justamente coinciden en Diciembre.

Larry Norman - Vocals
Gene Mason - Vocals
Geoff Levin - Guitar
Albert Ribisi - Keyboards
Dennis Fridkin - Drums
Rob Levin - Bass

Track List:

1. Organ Grinder
2. Riding High
3. I Love You
4. Somebody Tell Me My Name
5. Ashes Of Me
6. Apple Cider
7. Turnin' Me In
8. Ulla
9. 1000 Years Before Christ
10. We Need a Whole More Of Jesus And a Lot Less Rock And Roll
11. I've Got You On My Mind
12. Hasty Heart
13. She's a Dancer
14. Blow In My Ear And I'll Follow You Anywhere
15. I Got a Letter From the President
16. Prelude
17. You Can't Take Away the Lord
18. The Last Supper
19. Nothing Really Changes
20. Postlude

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