lunes, 20 de abril de 2009

Maranatha......Maranatha 3...1973

Strong progressive rock offering from German male foursome with similarities to other Euro prog bands like Eden, Whitsuntide Easter and especially Voiz. Seven songs in German, one in English (‘Ask The World’) and two instrumentals, all with skillful interplay of electric and acoustic guitars, organ and flute (Jethro Tull fans take note). Some songs like ‘Die Drei Manner Im Feuerofen’ and ‘Gottes Wege’ have an acoustic emphasis (i.e., “progressive folk”), while others possess a louder electric angle (the opening ‘Spirit’). Most fall somewhere in between. Brass section on a few tracks works fine. Lively percussion spicing things up on ‘Herr’, ‘Call’ and ‘Sing Halleluja’. Glossy gatefold cover. (Ken Scott - Archivist).

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