viernes, 20 de noviembre de 2009

Ken Tamplin and Friends.....Wake The Nations P1.....2004

Jeff Scott Soto vocals;Philip Bardowell vocals;Scott Van Zen guitar solos;Howie Simon guitar solos;Jeff Watson guitar solo;Pete Lesperance guitar solo;Stevie Salas guitar solo;Ritchie Kotzen guitar solo;Reb Beach guitar solo;Marty Friedman guitar solo;Mattias Eklundh guitar solo;Doug Aldridge guitar solo

Track List:

1. The Story of Love
2. We've Jihad Enough
3. Falling Houses
4. The Man With a Plan
5. Hare Kristians
6. Wake the Nations
7. God in Heaven
8. Peace on Earth
9. Mystery
10. Cell Phone Freaks
11. 7 Eleven People
12. Saints and Heros
13. Waiting for Your Love
14. Come Together
15. Sing

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