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Scott Wenzel[Vocalista de Whitecross]......Heart Like Thunder.....1993

Scott Wenzel, testing the waters as a solo artist whilst the future of US CCM metal outfit Whitecross is put on ice, breaks no new ground with 'Heart Like Thunder'. Plodding along at a pedestrian pace, apart from a few punchy riffs from Billy Heller's guitar, Scott seems to have plumped for a safe, ballad-based, melodic rock sound. Yet, in my opinion, Scott's fiery voice just does not suit this type of material. Instead he sounds far more at home barking along to "One God, One Love" - the one full tilt rocker on this otherwise restrained recording. It's not all bad news though. Scott's heartfelt lyrics are, at times, refreshing in their simplicity, whilst "One God, One Love" and "You Gave Everything" (the final ballad, in which Scott's voice suddenly mellows!) are decent tracks. Maybe Scott should take a leaf out of Glenn Kaiser's, or even our own Sammy Homer's, book by adapting his musical direction rather than just softening it when entering the solo arena in order to offer something fresh and original.

Track List:

1. One God, One Love 4:16
2. Give Up Your Heart 4:11
3. Heart on Fire 3:44
4. His Eyes 4:05
5. He Laid Aside His Glory 3:24
6. Sarah 5:12
7. Heart Like Thunder 4:23
8. Are you Faithful 4:46
9. Find Our Way 3:19
10. You Gave Everything 4:10


Traducción de Sarah

Scott Wenzel / Álbum: Heart Like Thunder
Letra y música por Scott Wenzel, Caesar y Keoni

More than anything else,
I want to teach my daughter
that a relationship whit Jesus
is the most important thing in her life

Verse I
All my love to you I give,
Inside your heart I long to live,
All the brokenness I'm able to heal,
would you let me show you how I feel

I shout it in the mountain streams,
I give the birds love songs to sing

Sarah, I'll never leave you alone,
you will never face a day on your own,
Sarah I'll never leave you alone,
so open up, open up your heart to love again

Verse 2:
Are ya lonely, oh you look so sad,
It makes my heart ache 'cause I understand,
I wanna show you Sarah time hides the truth,
I will wait' cause I've chosen to love you

Más que cualquier otra cosa,
quiero enseñarle a mi hija
que una relación con Jesús
es lo más importante en su vida.
(Nota de Scott Wenzel)

Verso I:
Te doy todo mi amor.
Anhelo vivir en tu corazón.
Puedo sanar todo quebrantamiento.
Déjame mostrarte cómo me siento.

Lo grito en los ríos de la montaña,
le doy a las aves canciones de amor para cantar.

Sara, nunca te dejaré sola.
Nunca enfrentarás un día sola.
Sara, nunca te dejaré sola.
Así que abre... abre tu corazón al amor otra vez.

Verso 2:
¿Estás sola? Te ves muy triste.
Esto me hace sufrir porque lo entiendo.
Quiero mostrarte, Sara, que el tiempo esconde la verdad.
Yo esperaré, porque he escogido amarte.

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