jueves, 26 de noviembre de 2009

Main Line Riders.......Worldshaker...2009

Main Line Riders return with their second full length recording since their debut in 2007. This time around the band returns with a new attitude, a new vocalist and a new sound. With the opening notes of "It all Ends Tonight" I thought to myself that Bon Scott surely must have been resurrected and is now singing for Cliffy and his Main Line Riders. Indeed, "Worldshaker" is an album that is heavily influenced by Bon-era AC/DC....

Track List:

01 It All Ends Tonite
02 Throwin' Bones To The Wolves
03 Hell Ain't A Good Place To Be
04 Through With You
05 Comin' Home To You
06 Broken Hearted
07 Chrome & Steel
08 Power Surge
09 Worldshaker
10 It's A Revolution
11 We Are The Ready Ones
12 Rhythm-N-Blues

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Anónimo dijo...

Thanks for this great album.
your upload is missing "Chrome & Steel"...can you please fix this?